Home Ground

Home Ground ArtworkStephen Emmer’s latest musical offering Home Ground combines the eloquence of contemporary orchestral soul music with socially conscious lyrics.

It addresses contemporary concerns within the timeless musical excellence of classic soul combined with the sonic impact of the 21st century. The Home Ground songs are vocally performed by a careful selection of musical icons from the last 5 decades. 
The main lyrical thrust of Home Ground is the world that is in constant conflict or war, whether over land, religion or race; this is not just black against white, it’s also poor against rich, justice against injustice, and the myriad other ongoing conflicts that beset our world.
In an effort to help make this world a better place the Home Ground campaign will be in support of charity. Based on the lyrical context and the fact that the project is music based we immediately thought of War Child as the perfect fit. Especially since they use both music and creativity as an important tool in their program for children to overcome fear, depression and aggression.
The campaign will therefore focus on creating further awareness for the amazing work of War Child. At the same time we’ll be donating a fair share of proceedings to support them in helping ‘our’ children, the best thinkable cornerstone of a future world in peace.

Preview, stream, download Home Ground on Vinyl or CD or watch the Album Trailer here.