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Stephen Emmer wins golden Global Music Award with Home Ground

Noted composer and performer Stephen Emmer — who scored a hit with SoulTracks readers earlier this year — has won the prestigious golden Global Music Award for his latest album, Home Ground. With this he becomes the first Dutch composer who has won this international award.

On the Home Ground album Stephen is joined by an all-star cast of legendary and world famous vocalists such as Chaka Khan, Patti Austin and the late Leon Ware. The Global Music Awards honors submissions from all over the world and judges the work for its musical originality, quality and craftsmanship.

Stephen Emmer has now released four albums, all of which were met with great critical acclaim from the international press in publications like The Times, Modern Vinyl, De Telegraaf, Pitchfork, Okayplayer, Huffington Post, Der Spiegel, Rolling Stone, Mojo, and Q Magazine. Home Ground is his most recent work, and combines cinematic soul with social awareness lyrics, and has also been recently mentioned by the USA’s leading, authorative website on soul-music SoulTracks.com as “one of the most important albums of the year.”


Home Ground feat Patti Austin

Home Ground Album

Close To Life feat Leon Ware & Frank McComb

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Soul Tracks

Soul Tracks LogoWith Home Ground, producer Stephen Emmer has collaborated with a diverse group of vocalists to create a record that is theatrical to its core. However, if you are looking to connect the music on Home Ground to a musical, you might not have a lot of luck. This record is not a soundtrack to a film, nor are these tunes a part of some major Broadway production. One way to view Home Ground is as a soundtrack for the play unfolding before us daily on television, laptop, smart phone and tablet screens as well as in newspapers. That unfolding drama details mass migrations of people seeking to find a new start over after chased out of their homelands by war, environmental disaster, or by crises that while being far more personal and intimate are no less existential.

From the standpoint of the immigration debate taking place in this country, this album seeks to give a voice to those looking to carve a piece of home in a place that is not their homeland, and asks the listener to try to walk in the shoes of those who have been pushed or pulled away from all that was familiar.

That call for empathy comes through strongly in the urgent “Everybody’s Movin”, a track driven by Dwight Trible’s emotive and theatrical baritone. Trible sings from the standpoint of a person who is a part of one of those mass flows of people seeking to escape inhumane warfare while also having his humanity recognized by the voices talking about immigration on TV. “What we need is not what we’re fighting for/And we all need something/To have or dreams and live our lives in love”, stands as a plea to those in the chattering classes to remember that people – regardless of where they hail from – want the same things.

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  • 'An iron fist in a velvet glove'

    [Flux BPM]

  • 'An eloquent and entertaining rebuttal to the voices of nativism and intolerance'

    [Howard Dukes - SoulTracks]

  • 'Anti-war album project sparks retro-activism'

    [Socially Sparked News]

  • 'We can do better than this. Take care of the children, they are our futurelationship'

    [Curtis Darby]

  • 'I love this initiative'

    [Maceo Parker]

  • 'Post-modernity in music has only really started and I love it'

    [The Pan Review Of The Arts]



  • Ferry Maat [Soulshow]

    'Wat een helden staan er op de tracklist Chaka, Patti, Leon en Frank

    om een paar van mijn persoonlijke favorieten te noemen.’

  • Leo Blokhuis [What The World Needs Now]

    ‘Er staan echt een paar pareltjes op.’

  • Guuz Hoogaerts [Pauw & TVBV]

    'Een collectie stemmen en strijkers die de gaten in je ziel met liefde bepleisteren.’

  • Tjeerd Oosterhuis [Total Touch]

    ‘Het is mooi te zien dat er nog steeds producers zijn die diep en echt voor de eer gaan. Deze artiesten op dit album bij elkaar krijgen is ook een prestatie op zich, en dat verdient een groot compliment!‘

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