Under Your Spell ft Chaka Khan Remixes out now on Electric Fairytale Recordings

Under Your Spell ft Chaka Khan Remixes out now on Electric Fairytale Recordings
stephen emmer under your spell remixes out now

Under Your Spell – The Remixes

The original is a dreamy, lush and soulful affair. Chaka’s distinctive voice is draped in funky bass guitar, horns, strings and rhythm guitar, evoking Chaka’s ’70s heyday while giving over to a modern sheen.

The remixes rightfully capitalize on this and send the song spinning in different directions. Auro’s remix takes us into ’80s dance heaven with a remix heavy on floor-vibrating synths and smile-inducing keys that make Chaka’s reverberating vocals float like a cloud. Tieks, meanwhile, offers us a scorching hot electro-house take that relies on synth bass, looped strings, hazy synths and almost-tribal drums to make us want to get down on the dance floor. Moods delves deeper into the funk and jazz roots of the song, with a sticky bass guitar groove and jazzy keys anchoring the track as he mixes and loops Chaka’s vocals as if they were another instrument in his repertoire. Last but not least is Dani Hageman, who perhaps delivers the most straightforward house groove. Lacing things with a four-on-the-floor rhythm, he infuses his remix with a club-rattling bass, incorporating some of the more charming elements from the original along with Chaka’s vocal to make the song sing anew.

You can’t really lose with Stephen Emmer, Chaka Khan and each of these remixers operating at the top of their game. Check out the “Under Your Spell” Remixes on Spotify and, if you haven’t already, pick up Home Ground for even more gems from Stephen and his friends.

[Donte Money – SoulBounce]