• home ground featuring chaka khan

    Chaka Khan

    And last but certainly not least we proudly present no one less than the legendary 10-time Grammy Award winning...

  • Leon Ware

    Home Ground also features Leon Ware, another soul legend who unfortunately passed away, on 23 February 2017, the same...

  • Patti Austin

    Allow us to proudly announce Patti Austin, another Grammy Award winning vocalist and the goddaughter of Quincy Jones and...

  • frank mccomb

    Frank McComb

    We’re proud to present Frank McComb, a formidable soul singer and keyboardist. Frank recorded 2 songs for Home Ground...

  • featuring Mary Griffin

    Mary Griffin

    The album also features 2 songs by Mary Griffin, who showcases her vocal prowess, attitude and range of a...

  • featuring kendra foster

    Kendra Foster

    Home Ground also features the lovely Kendra Foster, a recent Grammy Award winning co-writer/singer for D’Angelo’s latest album and a...

  • Ursula Rucker

    Home Ground featuring Ursula Rucker. Meet American spoken word recording artist Ursula Rucker. She garnered a reputation for unique...

  • Andy Bey

    Andy Bey

    Home Ground featuring Andy Bey. Andy Bey is an American jazz singer and pianist hailing from Newark, who has a...

  • Beeple

    Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin (USA) who delivered 4 amazing pieces of art for...

  • featuring dwight trible

    Dwight Trible

    Home Ground features Dwight Trible Dwight is a singer who combines the best of vocal virtuosity with musicianship and...

  • Bob Power

    Bob Power

    Home Ground got mixed in New York by the legendary Bob Power who studied music theory at Webster College....