A selection of iconic musicians for a good cause

A selection of iconic musicians for a good cause

the voice uk reviewAlbum Review: ‘Home Ground’ By Stephen Emmer.

Stephen Emmer has gathered an array of soul-singers for a neo soul/classical inspired project in support of War Child. The Dutch composer has brought together a selection of iconic musicians for a good cause.

 The 16-track-album is a diverse mix of soulful and classic songs with a contemporary edge, with guest appearances from the Queen of Funk Chaka Khan, the late Leon Ware, Grammy award winner Patti Austin, and talented vocalists Kendra Foster, Andy Bey, Mary Griffin, Frank McComb, Dwight Trible and Ursula Rucker.

In light of recent events, Home Ground’s theme of unity rings true, as the album discusses conflict over land, religion and race across the world. Standout songs include Close To Life, featuring Frank McComb and Leon Ware, with the orchestral composition and a socially conscious lyrical style, which is reminiscent of the works of Stevie Wonder to Marvin Gaye, to the funky, light-hearted vibe of ‘Soul Glow’ featuring Kendra Foster.

The main topic of Home Ground is followed by campaign that will support the charity War Child. Based on the lyrical content, Emmer uses the charity as a key source of inspiration for both music and creativity, making it an important tool to help people overcome fear, depression and aggression through song.

Home Ground is out June 9 and will be available from all the reputable outlets, but if you register for the album now, you will receive a free download from www.pledge.com/homeground.

[Review by The Voice UK]